Antoinette Lemens, Association Design Conseil

Antoinette is thoroughly cosmopolitan: the child of an English father and Norwegian mother, she grew up in Belgium and the Netherlands, and thus has a very wide cultural background. After 7 years of working in the design industry she created her own company specialised in recruitment. Antoinette has been recruiting design and creative profiles in the fashion, automotive, and product domains as well as for agencies for the last 25 years and has been running the French design association since its creation.

Belinda Picaud, Lemensearch

Belinda gained her BA Honours degree in graphic design from Brighton Polytechnic in 1990. She went on to work as branding designer and art director for companies such as Texas Instruments, IBM and Dassault Systèmes. Belinda joined Lemensearch in 2010 and is responsible for recruiting international designers in all industries … notably in the automotive and design sectors. She also animates the retail expertise, team building and creative training modules.



Steven Cook, MetaDesign

It is almost two decades since this native Californian arrived in his current home Berlin.  Steven is one for doing his own thing and exploring the boundaries of design and communication, focusing on the role design plays in the lives of people. This has involved him in working for such brands as Bosch, Marc Jacobs, Red Bull, Porsche, Siemens and Zumtobel. Previously Partner and Creative Director at Edenspiekermann, Steven is currently Head of User Experience at MetaDesign Berlin.

Nicolien Zijp, Design Bridge

Having studied European law and with a knowledge of various languages, Nicolien was well-equipped for her career in HR with such companies as Atradius, Cisco, Forrester Research and Wieden + Kennedy. She joined Design Bridge as HR Director in 2013 and is responsible for staff well-being, training and performance management, as well as for talent management for the Amsterdam Studio.

Djanira John, Design Bridge

Starting at Design Bridge in 2012 as a receptionist while in her final year of studying for a degree in social work, Djanira accepted the offer to work as Office Manager for the Amsterdam Studio. While working closely with the HR Director, her function spilled over into recruitment services, giving her an additional role as Talent Coordinator. She loves the work, which involves, for instance, being the first point of contact for potential candidates and steering them through the whole experience of their candidacy. The most fulfilling aspect is the exposure to so many diverse and talented people.

Massimo Göttsche, Göttsche Design

Massimo Göttsche has been a freelance Creative Director specializing in brand and packaging design for Consumer Branding in FMCG since 1998. Massimo grew up in an advertising environment, starting his career as a photographer in Milan before working as a freelancer in London and ultimately fulfilling his passion to become a graphic designer in Hamburg, where he graduated at the “Kunstschule Alsterdamm“in 1997. He has worked for the Peter Schmidt Group, Syndicate, Enterprise IG, Lucius-Heise, Dragon Rouge, Barutzki Design and Hot Cake before joining Pahnke Markenmacherei GmbH, where he was an Executive Creative Director for almost 4 years, leading their Brand and Packaging Design Team before starting his own business, Göttsche Design, in late summer 2018. Massimo loves to create wonderful stories for packaging items inspired by the simple statement: “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next!” (Jonas Salk)


Sylvia Vitale-Rotta, Team Créatif Group

Born in Tanzania, Italian parents, this world Citizen studied at the Art School of London. There, she met Nick Craig with whom she founded TEAM CREATIF in 1986. Since, the Design Agency became a reference on the French market but also abroad. Today, the agency increased its offer around the Design with for Retail Market Value and with global communication for Shortlinks and digital with Digiteam. Design ambassador in the World, Sylvia was the President of the first Design jury at the Eurobest 2008 and President of the Design category at the Cannes Lions 2009. She livened up MasterClass in 2014 in Cannes Lions, as well as  instead of the Design in 2015 and also for schools in the ISTEC or the ESTACOM, the ECV. She has just realized her first conference Tedx with the ISTEC. She was jury to the Red Dot Awards and D&AD Awards recently. Sylvia has been awarded Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Kheireddine Sidhoum, Dragon Rouge

Kheireddine Sidhoum joined Dragon Rouge in December 2013 as Global Chief Creative Officer – multiculturalism and an open mind are his watchwords. He started his career 20 years ago at IG Design, and spent 11 years at the Brand Union, progressing to Design Director in Paris and then New York. He returned to the Paris office as Executive Creative Director where he managed the creation of a huge range of national and international projects across consumer and corporate branding. In 2012, he founded his design agency, Button Button, where he won a coveted Cannes Lion at the Festival of Creativity in 2013, prior to joining the group team at Dragon Rouge. Kheireddine oversees all creative output for all 8 Dragon Rouge offices (Paris, London, NYC, Sao Paulo, Warsaw, Hamburg, Shanghai, Singapore) and is involved at various stages throughout project’s course to ensure creative excellence. In 2017, he won his second Cannes Lions with Dragon Rouge in the design category with Parc Rives de Seine.

Freddie Öst, SNASK

Abandoned as a baby, Freddie lived for six months in the Swedish police station where he had been found prior to adoption.  A medical for his call-up to military service revealed a heart malformation so that an ECG reads as if he were dead. His artistic interests led him to poster design and the creation of artwork for a local record label.

Erik Kockum, SNASK

Hailing from Åkersberga, a green and leafy Stockholm suburb, Erik is Partner and Creative Director of Snask. After completing his studies at a Swiss business school, Erik worked in a bank before returning to Stockholm. Sometime later he went on a European tour with his rock band. Music unleashed his creative side.

Sofiane Mameri, Sleever International

A graduate of International Marketing and Political Sciences, Sofiane joined Sleever International in 2007 as Export Project Manager. He later moved to marketing, becoming the Head of Communication in 2012. He is currently Head of External Communication and in this role promotes the company brands worldwide, as well as the added value and benefits of shrink sleeve technology. Sofiane’s extensive knowledge and understanding of customer expectations with respect to packaging design has proven invaluable to countless customers of Sleever International.

Audrey Bruisson, Rhum Clément / Rhum J.M

With a true passion for travel, Audrey Bruisson pursued her academic career abroad, living successively in France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Mexico. Following a Master’s degree in International Business and Marketing, she started to work in Switzerland with Procter & Gamble, developing the international brand strategy for their cosmetic brand Max Factor. In 2012, Audrey decided to return to France with the ambitious goal of raising global awareness of the benefits of the island of Martinique, where she was born. For the past 6 years she has been able to address this goal in her role as Global Marketing Manager for Rhum Clément and Rhum J.M. In order to develop the brand image, products and global communication of these two iconic brands from Martinique Audrey has applied much more than “simple” marketing tools, capitalizing on the distinctive benefits and characteristics of the brands she promotes and creating strong narratives and experiences around them.

Karine Lagarde, LINEA

Following a Master’s degree in marketing and her first experience of the luxury goods sector at Mugler, Karine chose the world of spirits as her area of expertise. Rather than focusing solely on one brand, she decided to join LINEA, an agency specializing in strategy, design and packaging development for wines and spirits. Having begun as a consulting and business manager, she in now the manager of the agency. Karine has been involved in the development of internationally known brands for 15 years.

Isabelle Billerey-Rayel, Dalim Software

Having obtained an engineering degree in Technologies & Production Management in France, Isabelle has since acquired more than 20 years’ experience in graphics. She is passionate about Europe and her drive and ambition, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of current market trends and challenges, enables her to develop unique and competitive solutions tailored to specific customer operations and needs. Typically, this approach has resulted in strong reference sites and successful partnership with clients. Isabelle’s role as Business Development Director includes building a European partner network, creating brand awareness within different markets – notably in the supply chain, in the food, automotive and healthcare industries, the marketing of creative services, publishing and the print industry. Isabelle is now engaged in supporting the digital transformation of companies and enthusiastically promotes DALIM SOFTWARE solutions to help companies manage work more efficiently. To this end, she brings expertise in Digital and Marketing Asset management projects together with the automation in the digital supply chain  ‒ from packaging design to the end product, even including the online sales site and brand management.



Merete Haugaa, Hennig-Olsen Icecream

Merete is into promoting passionate, meaningful and respectful brand management. At a time when the market is changing more rapidly than you can blink, and the world seems more and more complicated, it’s hard not to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Merete is passionate about focusing attention on the essence and meaning of things, creating strong connections between a brand and its audience – appealing to emotions. Specialized in marketing, media science and communication, Merete studied in Paris and Bergen, Norway. She worked for several design agencies in Paris before returning to her home town Kristiansand to join the largest ice cream manufacturer and brand in Norway, Hennig-Olsen Is A/S. She considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience many exciting projects over the last 11 years, during which time the company has revamped its corporate strategy, product development, design, packaging, branding, communication and reputation management.

Silke Bochat, PepsiCo Eastern Europe

Silke is Head of the PepsiCo Design Centre in Eastern Europe, a strategic function responsible for driving business value through brand design, brand experience and innovation across four categories (Dairy, Snacks, Beverages and Juice) for global brands & regional jewels. In this role, she is transforming her regional team and agency pool by developing holistic and strategic capabilities and is scaling up the design function & design thinking within the business based on a 5-year roadmap. Located in the heart of Moscow, she and her team report directly to the Global Design Headquarter in NY. For the past 15 years, Silke has helped corporates (and agencies), transforming their businesses through design; building teams and capabilities from scratch and working in global and regional teams for global and regional brands, challenger jewels and multi-billion giants on everything from single products to complex +300 SKU portfolios, thereby addressing cross-functional, cross-touchpoint aspects, from front end innovation through to production. Before joining PepsiCo, she was involved in rebranding the skincare product NIVEA for the manufacturer Beiersdorf and was also responsible for speeding up the five-year R&D pipeline at Mars for Snickers, Twix and Mars and developing User Experience Design at Vodafone.

Fabrice Peltier, Fabrice Peltier Création

Designer consultant Fabrice Peltier is an acknowledged expert in packaging design who has long focused on more responsible, sustainable packaging design. Over a period of 30 years he has designed packaging for more than 12,000 consumer products for SMEs and multinational companies. He regularly gives lectures on design topics and has authored packaging reports for Emballages Magazine for the past 20 years. He has also written several books dedicated to packaging design: L’Eau, source of innovations, La Boîte, solutions for the future, Eco-design, virtuous paths, Art, creative exchanges and Limited edition, a collectable published by Pyramyd and Design for Dummies, edited by First, which has become the mainstream “reference book” on design.


Olav Jünke, ondesign

German designer Olav Jünke studied in Kiel and Milan, then began working with packaging designer Peter Schmidt in Hamburg. Jünke is driven by curiosity and interest, not only in design but also in any specific brand or business. Consequently, he wanted to advise his own clients and founded ondesign Hamburg as a specialist design consultancy for both corporate and product branding. Eventually he set up his design firm together with the Italian designer Francalma Nieddu. Since then he has accumulated numerous international design awards and an impressive clientele, including some big names from both the institutional and business sectors. Olav Jünke publishes articles and speaks on design and branding topics.