"The power of people is greater than the people in power"

Wael Ghonim (pro-democracy Egyptian internet activist)


Whenever we reflect on the way we run our businesses, we should not only be thinking about the technology stack or business process, but also keep the human hat on – as people mean everything to design agencies. So, how do we recruit people with the right talent, and how can we retain them? How should we train people, encourage them and help them realize their goals? What skills are we looking for, what does “the best” mean today? What do we expect of our teams? And what do they expect of us? What is of key importance in leadership? Finally, what do our clients think about our teams?


We will be exploring these issues on the basis of the factors that influence our work, such as demographic trends, gender differences, societal change, new working methodologies and agency models, and we will discuss the expectations and opportunities. Together we can discover what the future of work will be like! Our event offers information and inspiration from recruiting experts, agency leaders and employees, as well as agencies’ clients – the brand owners.

The Winners!

epda awardepda STUDENT AWARD  

This year's epda STUDENT AWARD FUTURE PACKAGING features packaging concepts for healthy food! We are very pleased that NABA Design School from Milan has submitted their best concepts. Looking forward to revealing the winning concepts. Curious to get to know the nominees? Click here.

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